How the Rich Got 54% Richer During the Pandemic

Source: CBS News

Think back to March 2020.


When neighbors fought over toilet paper at the grocery store. When we were all told to stay home from work and school. When many of us lost jobs, clients, and all sense of security. 


While most middle and working class families struggled to keep it together in front of the kids, the rich had peace of mind. Certainty. Control. Because they had something else that the rest of us didn’t:




They used their own existing money to create even more without working for it. And they had the exclusive knowledge about how to do it—even during modern history’s worst economic crash. It was like the rains came, and they had all the umbrellas and the rest of the world didn’t.


Their leverage took several forms. Some high-net worth people had the capital to buy a lot of stock and crypto that was sure to rise again after the crash. Others bought underpriced investment properties. Nearly all of them had a personal banking strategy that multiplied these opportunities.


The rich all had leverage. And that leverage made them richer.


Most of the ways that high-net worth people grew their fortune during COVID-19 are totally unrealistic to the average person. In March 2020, most of us didn’t have a spare $100,000 to buy Bitcoin when it crashed to $5,000. (If you did, you would now have about $670,000 in Bitcoin.)


The middle class was so concerned with paying the mortgage we couldn’t even dream about buying a 100-unit apartment building. (If somehow you did swing that loan, you’d be getting about $10,000 a month in passive income right now.)


But one wealth-building strategy the rich leveraged to get richer during the pandemic is available to anyone. It’s a strategy that levels the playing field by enabling you to do what the rich do.


This strategy is simply becoming your own banker.


Here’s the thing about banks:


They do not exist to protect your money. Banks are businesses. They flip your savings for a profit that you never get a piece of. The more money you deposit, the more money they make off of you.


The rich understand this. That’s why they think like bankers. They create their own private banking system to protect, multiply, and optimize their money for themselves and their families—just like banks do for their shareholders.


Banks don’t want you to know this. Why would they? They have a good thing going—lending out your money back to you. Then they have the gall to charge you for it in the form of interest on home, student, auto, and other loans. 


But you can do something about it.


We created Holy Shift! Rethink Your Money and Be the Bank so you can provide the same financial security and peace of mind that the rich did before, during, and after the pandemic.


Holy Shift! is a 90-minute video course that skyrockets your financial IQ and unlocks the hidden potential of your money.

You also get face-to-face time with Holy Shift! course creators Nate Dean and Brandon Goswick, both of whom use the banking strategy you’re about to learn to generate passive income for their families and cement their personal legacies.


About Nate Dean:


Nate and his wife Bri have 4 kids and reside in Texas.  Nate studied business and finance in school but was blown away by the concept of becoming your own banker in 2017.  In addition to being a financial educator he has also served in some aspect of ministry in the church since 2006.  He's had a deep passion for serving others in many capacities.  Nate has always been fascinated with causes and effects regarding financial matters.  He enjoys anything and everything that has to do with economics and finance.  Nate loves educating others about what Infinite Banking can do for them.  His mission is to empower the average person to thrive in a world where education often causes us to simply exist.


About Brandon Goswick:


Brandon and his wife Leah have 4 kids as well and also reside in Texas.  Brandon served many years as a teacher and coach before eventually moving into school administration.  Brandon had been following conventional wisdom with the"baby steps" of finance but was not satisfied with his results.  He had success with his approach, but in the “race” of life, he always felt as if he WOULD cross the finish line of being debt-free, exasperated and not able to fully enjoy his “golden years”.  That all changed when he along with Nate discovered the power of leverage with Infinite Banking.  Brandon is passionate about helping others discover their potential through the power of their own personal economy.


Nate and Brandon cofounded Unlimited Life Concepts in 2018.  They grew up together and celebrate a 28 year friendship




What Real People Are Saying about Holy Shift!

Ed Latimore



Nate revealed a powerful secret that many people would tremendously benefit from. He causes a subtle shift in your perspective as well as a slight alteration of your time horizon for wealth accumulation. The result is that you see the game for what it is and this is the first step to beating it.

Jeff Putnam




When I found Nate on Twitter I could tell he knew something about money that I didn't so I reached out to him.  He explained to me how the banks were making their money off of MY MONEY and how I could do the same thing. It made PERFECT sense.  It just wasn't something I ever would have been taught.  Now, I have the power to make my money do what I want it to, all by playing by the bankers' rules.

Adam Lane Smith

Nate is fantastic!  I grew up very poor. My father lived in a trailer park and my mother married him at 18, so we scraped to survive. Because of this upbringing I knew next to nothing about the way money flows. You get some and spend it right away before it disappears, right? Nate worked with me step by step as he taught me that, no, you don’t spend all your cash on payday. Thanks to Nate I’ve got an cashflow system setup to provide financial coverage for myself and my children for decades to come. He’s changed not only my life, but the lives of all my descendants yet to come.​

Here’s What Holy Shift! Rethink Your Money and Be the Bank Is NOT

  • NOT an MLM / networking marketing scam / pyramid scheme

  • NOT an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy, which we DO NOT recommend!

  • NOT a generic financial product you could have set up yourself, like an IRA

Holy Shift! IS a paradigm shift that empowers you to leverage your money the way the rich do. And you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get started. Other people who’ve joined this course include:


  • Pastors
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Stay-at home parents
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Engineeers
  • Designers
  • Freelancers
  • etc.

Anyone can benefit from Holy Shift! Because the personal banking strategy is for anyone—not just the world’s richest families, most of whom leverage it to multiply the family fortune from one generation to the next.

Gain Lifetime Access

You can believe the lie that only the rich can get richer—or you can profit from the truth.


In just 90 minutes of video you'll learn:

  • How to get tax-free passive income

    That means money coming into your life that you are not having to go work for and oh by the way; you get to keep the tax man away

  • How to earn interest on every dollar

    This one will flip your brain inside out. What if you could earn interest on every dollar that flows through your hands whether you are spending it or saving it?

  • How to rapidly eliminate debt

    We’re talking lightning fast.  This isn't your Dave Ramsey Baby Step method. This is rocket fuel for your money.

  • How to reclaim opportunity cost

    This is the one that the banks really hate. They know that you can do this but have no reason to spill their secrets.

What you get when you join Holy Shift!:

  • A Video Course of Instruction

    Learn the key concepts and principles taught by Nate and Brandon

  • A Free "Thank You" Gift

    At the completion of the video we have a gift we want to send you

  • A Higher Financial IQ

    You are guaranteed to learn something new that will impress your friends

  • Custom Roadmap

    You will receive a customized strategy tailored specific to your situation

  • A New Money Paradigm

    Gain a new perspective on how we view and use money in our lives

  • One on One Personal Coaching

    Each individual who completes the course has the option to schedule One on One sessions

  • Downloadable Guide

    We created a simple guide to follow along with as you watch the video

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

    Join this growing community we are creating of Holy Shifters!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in this information that we guarantee your satisfaction. Because the most common feedback we get about the course is “I wish I’d bought it a year ago.”


Level the playing field. Beat the banks at their own game. Make your money work for you.

That’s Holy Shift!

Having a higher financial IQ than other people automatically gives you an advantage.


If you are ready to unlock the hidden potential of your money then we are ready to teach you how.

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